Get your husband to help with Christmas

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Christmas for Couples: 

Your all-inclusive guide to get your husband to help with Christmas

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Prepare Together

Get your husband involved in planning for Christmas activities.

Organized Gifting

 Assign specific tasks to each of you to achieve an efficient gift giving paradise. 

Enjoy Christmas

With some of the stress off of you, actually enjoy the holidays with your family.

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Enjoy Your Marriage
merry and bright Christmas for couples

At Christmas time, do you…

get stressed because you have too much to do?

hate doing to much because YOU have to do it all? 

wish your husband would just get involved? 

Find time for a breath and get you husband to help you with the workbook!

Get printable checklists for you AND your husband so you can both be on the same page at all times. PLUS, give him some responsibility too!

Meet The Creator

My name is Jamie. I’m the creator of the How To Have A Marriage That Lasts Workbook and the writer behind Living Life As A Wife. 


I am married to a wonderful man who is serving our country and together we have 2 beautiful children. Having gone through multiple cross-country moves, our son’s open heart surgery, and all the average hurdles life throws at you, we have managed to come out stronger on the other side.


So now, I want to help you have a strong, lasting marriage, while you raise good kids, and achieve your personal goals. All at the same time. 

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