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The 5 Love Languages

Learn HOW you and your husband give and receive love.

FLAP Method 

Become a better listener with this simple method.

The 4 T’s of Communication

Have more productive conversations with this method.

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What People Say

“Communicating with my husband is just hard sometimes. We try to have discussions and one of us almost always winds up frustrated. We sat down and worked through this workbook and have been amazed with the results! We spend a lot less time getting frustrated with each other and more time speaking each other’s love language. I love the real, honest mom to mom approach Jamie uses in this workbook. It’s taken a huge stressor out of my marriage. I’m so grateful!”  

Chrissie Riese

Are you…

lacking good communication in your marriage?

feeling unloved by your husband?

wondering how to have a strong, lasting marriage? 

Stop your worries in their tracks with this workbook! 

Learn about how you and your husband give and receive love. Plus, how to encourage open and honest communication in your marriage. 

Meet The Creator

My name is Jamie. I’m the creator of the How To Have A Marriage That Lasts Workbook and the writer behind Living Life As A Wife. 


I am married to a wonderful man who is serving our country and together we have 2 beautiful children. Having gone through multiple cross-country moves, our son’s open heart surgery, and all the average hurdles life throws at you, we have managed to come out stronger on the other side.


So now, I want to help you have a strong, lasting marriage, while you raise good kids, and achieve your personal goals. All at the same time. 

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